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Crime prevention Hertfordshire

Other types of police encounter

All citizens have a civic duty to help the police prevent crime and disorder.  Police officers and PCSOs can stop and talk to you at any time and not all encounters result in a person being searched.   Being spoken to does not necessarily mean that you have done something wrong.

You have not been officially ‘stopped’ if, for example:
  • an officer approaches you and chats about local issues and priorities,
  • you have witnessed a crime and are questioned about it to establish the background to the incident or,
  • you have been in an area where a crime recently occurred and are questioned about you might have seen
In addition to stop and search, you may also experience being stopped whilst driving.  This is known as a 'vehicle stop'.

The Road Traffic Act 1988 provides a police officer with the power to stop a vehicle at any time to: request a driver produce his or her driving licence or other documents; and/or, in certain circumstances, to conduct a breath test.  The officer may also speak to you about other road traffic offences that you may have committed.
Remember, if you or your vehicle is searched, the encounter becomes a stop and search.
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