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Best Use of Stop and Search Scheme

how to avoid crime in hertfordshire police In 2014 the Home Office announced the Best Use of Stop and Search Scheme (BUSSS), a voluntary scheme aimed at improving the overall professionalism of stop and search by creating greater transparency and community involvement. 

The Scheme encourages and supports an intelligence led approach leading to better results. 

All police forces across England and Wales are signed up to the Scheme.

The 6 main features of the Scheme are:
  1. Better Data Recording – recording of a broad range of results; which also show the link, or lack of one, between the object of the search and its result.
  2. Lay Observation Policy – providing an opportunity for members of the public to accompany police officers on patrol.
  3. Community Complaints Trigger – a local policy whereby complaints about Stop & Search can trigger a formal process; this involves scrutiny of the complaint by community groups.
  4. Section 60 Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 stop and search – reduce the use of Section 60 searches by requiring the police to incorporate additional measures before they can use the power.
  5. Race and Diversity Monitoring – forces must give due regard to eliminating discrimination, advancing equal opportunity and fostering good relations between different people when carrying out their activities.
  6. Adherence to the Scheme – police forces must inform the public if, for any reason, they deviate from any of the previous five features of the Scheme
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