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Which of the following is an example of social engineering?
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Email links always lead to where they appear to.
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You should unsubscribe from what appear to be phishing emails.
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Question 4 out of Back
To keep your workplace safe, you should:
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Question 5 out of Back
To avoid mandate fraud, you should only make payments immediately if you receive an email request from a senior manager.
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Question 6 out of Back
Which of the following is a WEAK password?
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Question 7 out of Back
Which of the following is a STRONG password?
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Question 8 out of Back
A password vault with strong online reviews is a good way of remembering several passwords.
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Question 9 out of Back
Business people wishing to access their corporate network should use a secure, encrypted Virtual Private Network (VPN).
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Question 10 out of Back
One of the risks of public Wi-Fi is that criminals can intercept what you are doing online.
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