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Protecting the vulnerable

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Which of the following makes an adult more vulnerable to abuse?
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Modern slavery is one kind of abuse of adults.
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Question 3 out of Back
Young people experiencing child sexual exploitation always realise they are being abused.
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Question 4 out of Back
Which of the following can make a young person more vulnerable to child sexual exploitation?
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Question 5 out of Back
Reporting concerns about someone to Prevent will always affect their chances of employment.
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Question 6 out of Back
You have to give your name and contact details if you want to report concerns about someone to Prevent.
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Question 7 out of Back
In which of the following relationships might incidences of domestic abuse occur?
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Question 8 out of Back
Domestic abuse only relates to violence.
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Question 9 out of Back
Leaving an abusive relationship can be incredibly difficult because:
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Question 10 out of Back
You have an important role to play in looking out for the vulnerable in our society.
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