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According to the Royal Statistical Society, how many more times likely is a home with no security measures to be burgled than one with the best security measures?
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Question 2 out of Back
Diamond mesh grilles on the windows of garden sheds can provide a deterrent to burglars.
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Question 3 out of Back
Which is an effective method of giving the impression your home is occupied?
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Question 4 out of Back
Which is an advised approach to deter burglars from scaling your gates or fence?
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Question 5 out of Back
What is the percentage of burglaries that do not involve forced entry?
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Question 6 out of Back
What is the purpose of Immobilise?
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Question 7 out of Back
What is the best kind of lighting to use at the rear of your home?
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Question 8 out of Back
What is the maximum height your front boundaries should be if they obscure the front of your property?
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Question 9 out of Back
Which of these organisations can help you find a background-checked locksmith?
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Question 10 out of Back
Securing your tools together is a good way of protecting them from burglars.
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