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Stop and Search

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Stop and search powers can be used to stop individuals or their vehicle for the purposes of a search.
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Question 2 out of Back
What year was the Best Use of Stop and Search Scheme (BUSSS) announced?
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Question 3 out of Back
Which piece of legislation provides officers with the power to search for controlled drugs?
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Question 4 out of Back
Which rank of officer can authorise the use of Section 60 search powers?
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Question 5 out of Back
What does a police officer not have to tell you before they conduct a search?
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Question 6 out of Back
An officer cannot ask you to remove more than jacket, outer-garments or gloves in public view.
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Question 7 out of Back
How long do you have to apply for a copy of your search record post-search?
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Question 8 out of Back
If you are being reported for an offence you are required by law to provide your personal details.
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Question 9 out of Back
Being stopped and searched does not mean I am under arrest or that I have a police record.
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Question 10 out of Back
Where can you find further advice or make a complaint?
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