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Sexting (Parents & Carers)

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What is sexting?
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Creating or sharing explicit images of a child is illegal, even if the person doing it is a child.
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1 in 6 of those reported to police for indecent images are aged under 18.
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53% of teens who sext are female.
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How many teenagers surveyed by the NSPCC/ChildLine said they had been asked for sexual images?
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What percentage of parents have spoken to their child about sexting at least once?
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Discussing the topic of sexting with your teen may encourage them to sext.
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Every action made on the internet leaves a digital footprint and can be distributed anywhere, even if it has been deleted.
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Universities and Employers do not carry out research on prospective applicants.
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In 2015/2016 ChildLine reported carrying out 1392 counselling sessions about sexting.
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