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Abuse of adults (part two)

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Jerome lives in his own flat in a supported housing scheme.  He has a learning disability and a part time job.  Jerome tells his friend at work that the manager of the scheme collects his benefits for him and pays his bills.  Jerome is vague about when he receives the rest of his money.  He often seems to be struggling financially.

His friend contacts the county council’s social services. Jerome’s social worker talks to the other residents of the scheme and finds that the manager also collects their benefits.  The social worker investigates the scheme contract, and is told that it is not part of the agreement that the manager would collect the residents' benefits.  The housing scheme’s director suspends the manager while she investigates the concerns.  After investigation, she finds the manager has been stealing from residents.  The manager is sacked and the police prosecute him for theft.

What should I do if I think an adult is suffering abuse?

Tell somebody:

  • You can call Herts County Council Health and Community Services on 0300 123 4042
  • Call 0300 777 0707 for adults receiving mental health services
  • If there is a danger to life, a risk of injury or a crime is taking place, call the police by dialing 999 if an emergency or 101 in non-emergency situations

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