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Does your home look secure?

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citizen-academy-herts The area outside of a home is the first obstacle a burglar faces to entering a property, so it's the best place to start in securing your home.


How your property looks to a burglar is important. Lighting is an excellent way to make your property appear occupied.


As Colin mentioned in the video, there are several ways of making your home seem occupied on the inside. These include fake TV lighting, setting lights on timer switches and leaving a radio on a discussion channel. Make sure any lights are visible from the outside.


  • Outdoor lighting is most effective when placed at potential entry points - doors and windows.
  • Low-wattage security lighting that operates from dusk-to-dawn works best for the rear of the home, as bright motion sensor lighting is frequently set off by small animals and pets.
  • However, motion sensor lights can be useful at the front of your home to illuminate anyone approaching the front door.

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