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Mobile phone security business deal riskMobile phones are a real data security risk - they are computers and face the same threats. Make sure that you:
  • Speak to your phone operator to see if you can prevent jailbreaking (allowing users to get round the security limitations of a phone operating system).
  • Keep device operating systems up-to-date with regular updates to protect from malware and viruses.
  • Encrypt your devices - losing a phone can cause more damage than malware. Set strong passwords for the device and SIM card.
  • Provide a secure cloud-sharing platform for colleagues - otherwise your employees might be tempted to use less secure platforms to share files.
  • If you do decide to allow employees to use their own devices, you must establish a bring-your-own-device policy to protect your business and to comply with regulatory requirements. See here for more details from Get Safe Online.

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