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mandate fraud phone call scam businessYour suppliers get in touch, telling you that they have changed their bank details and that you should pay invoices to the new account. You amend your bank mandate as requested. However, later you are contacted by your genuine supplier asking what has happened to the payment. You have been duped by fraudsters posing as your supplier.

This contact often takes the form of an email from a very similar email address to your supplier, or even from a hacked email account. Another method involves the criminal masquerading as a senior manager. Businesses in Herts lost over £2 million to mandate fraud in 2015/16, with an average loss of over £43,000.


How can I protect our business?

  • Double check that any requests to change financial details is from the genuine supplier. Contact them using contact details on file or from their website - don’t reply using the details provided in the request. Use email and phone in case one has been hacked by fraudsters.
  • Try to establish at least two points of contact with regular suppliers to check any issues that arise.
  • Contact senders of larger invoices in advance of making payment to ensure details are correct.
  • Never leave invoices unattended in the office or on a desk.

We’ve experienced a mandate fraud – what should we do?

  • Contact your bank immediately and request payment reversal.
  • Once the beneficiary bank is informed they will be legally required to report this to the National Crime Agency and should take steps to block the account.
  • The longer the delay in contacting the bank, the more likely it is the money will be gone.

  Herts Constabulary provide more advice on mandate fraud.

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