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Cyber security summary

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Your security

  • Use reputable anti-virus software across the business and keep it updated and switched on. Remember that smartphones and tablets can be compromised in the same way as computers.
  • Immediately install security updates when reminded.
  • Always change default password/PIN settings.
  • Back up securely, often, and off-site, and regularly test back-up processes.
  • Protect against surges and losses. Review your servers – do you have a second if your first is attacked and needs to go offline?

Your people

  •  Use our course to carry out online safety and information security awareness for all employees.
  • Get staff to question and challenge things that seem irregular.
  • Ensure you can all spot the signs of social engineering emails or calls trying to gain confidential information, and will never click on links or open attachments if the source is not known and trustworthy.
  • Lock computers when not in use and set up a confidential waste policy to dispose of data securely.
  • Set guidelines about social media use to help prevent the reputation of your business being compromised.

Data and access

  • Ensure that only those who need it can gain physical access to computers and servers.
  • Restrict and enforce strict access to company, employee and customer data.  Ensure sensitive data is encrypted.
  • Use secure passwords. 
  • Introduce and reinforce rules about mobile devices, including use of public internet, secured home access, and use of personal devices in the business.
  • If your business enables access to its systems to others in your supply chain, take steps to ensure that they have robust security software and processes.

Develop your cyber protection through Cyber Essentials.

Cyber Essentials is the government-backed, industry-supported scheme to help organisations protect themselves against cyber attacks.

Businesses self-assess against the Cyber Essentials questionnaire and can then be independently assessed to obtain a Cyber Essentials badge. This will help you demonstrate to customers and clients that you take cyber security seriously, providing a key selling point.
Cyber Essentials also provide a walkthrough for meeting the required standards.

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