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Social engineering

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social engineering psychology business Social engineering is the act of manipulating or deceiving someone into certain actions, such as divulging personal or financial information. It exploits human traits like fear of loss, helpfulness, or obliging others.  It facilitates many types of crime.
Fraudsters will go to elaborate lengths. Social engineering is designed to be convincing, with approaches often emulating trustworthy sources such as your bank, the police or a government department and can be made more convincing by the use of information already held about you or your business by the fraudster.

What does it look like?

  • A fraudulent email claiming to be from your bank or other trusted source, directing you to follow a link to supply confidential details, such as a password, PIN or other information. This is known as phishing.
  • A phone call claiming to be from “Technical Support” to fix an IT problem.
  • A message purporting to come from a manager within the company requesting financial information or a payment.
  • A letter from one of your suppliers advising you of changes to their banking or payment details.

Let's look at some common examples of crime types that use social engineering.

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