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text here Social engineering doesn’t just happen online and over the phone; it can happen face-to-face too. Criminals also often masquerade as suppliers, such as an IT engineer or utility company representative, or as public servants such as a Trading Standards representative or police officer. All employees are at risk of letting someone untoward into the premises. 

It’s not just items of physical value that are at risk. Sometimes the data or the access granted by stolen devices can be much more valuable than physical goods. 

How can I help prevent this?                       

  • In your workplace, ensure that any hard copy records are kept in locked filing cabinets and shredded when no longer needed.
  • Pick documents up from printers promptly.
  • Take care of company devices as you would your own, so don’t leave them on seats or display them when out and about.
  • Always make sure that you double-check that anyone wanting to gain access to your premises has legitimate reasons and identification, and check with a colleague or security that they are expected.
  • If possible, escort your guests around the premises. 

If the worst happens and something is stolen, inform the police or your senior management immediately. The quicker this is reported, the more likely it is that stolen devices can be blocked before they are used to access data and stolen property recovered. 

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