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Introduction to cyber security

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"It seemed like just another ordinary day for staff at SME vehicle hire company MNH Platinum. Little did they know that the simple click of an email link was about to threaten their entire business.

It was early last year when the UK-based firm was the victim of a virus which encrypted over 12,000 files on its company network. A ransom demand followed – the criminals would decrypt the company’s files in exchange for more than £3,000.

With the virus proving impossible to remove without the loss of crucial company data, the firm had no choice but to pay up." (The Guardian, Feb 2016)

Cyber security is classed as one of the four Tier 1 national security threats facing our country, alongside international terrorism, international military crises and major accidents/natural hazards.

A recent survey of nearly one thousand Institute of Directors members showed a worrying gap between awareness of the risks and business preparedness. Whilst 9 in 10 (91%) business leaders said that cyber security was important, only around half (57%) had a formal strategy in place to protect themselves and just half (49%) had made their staff aware of threats through training (Cyber Security: Underpinning the Digital Economy, 2016).

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Cyber crime can cost a business its data, its profits and its hard-earned reputation. If data is lost or stolen, it can leave a business, its staff and its customers vulnerable to further crime, such as identity theft and fraud.
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