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Worried about the cybercrime and fraud threat to your business?

We've launched two free short online training modules for business owners and their employees to help protect themselves and their business against crime.

Both modules are free resources for businesses to help bolster the basic awareness of all staff and have been put together in consultation with Hertfordshire’s Independent Business Advisory Group (IBAG) and with the expert input of Hertfordshire Constabulary crime prevention officers and cybercrime experts.

Cybercrime and fraud are currently two of the biggest concerns for businesses in the UK with their impact on the British economy running to tens of billions of pounds and growing. Furthermore, 70% of reported fraud in Hertfordshire is committed against businesses, and these crimes can have heavy financial and reputational consequences.

The Citizens’ Academy online training module for business owners will help them to understand the strategic changes they can implement to help protect their organisations. It provides tools and advice on how to increase security and protect themselves against cybercrime - with information on data loss protection, mandate and dial through fraud and tips on how to enhance mobile phone and email security.

The separate training module designed for employees will help them to understand common threats, like social engineering, password hacking, mandate fraud, and how to avoid them. 

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